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Solex 72 cell Monocrystalline module

The Solex 72 cell Monocrystalline solar PV module is manufactured under strict quality control in a state of the art manufacturing facility. Having undertaken all the necessary tests under stringent conditions, our modules are designed to withstand extreme climatic conditions, delivering a robust performance, the ultimate proof of a true value for money investment.


  • Wide Range from 340 Wp to 380 Wp
  • High efficiency mono-crystalline solar cells
  • 12v, 24v ratings are available
  • Increased efficiency, resulting in high power output
  • High-impact resistant toughened glass used

Electrical Characteristics

STC (Irradiance 1,000W/m2, module temperature 25℃, AM=1.5)SES24315SES24320SES24325SES24330SES24335SES24340SES24345SES24350
Rated Power (Pmax) 315 320 325 330 335 340 345 350
Voltage at Pmax (Vmp) 37.00V 37.20V 38.01V 38.88V 38.88V 38.88V 38.88V 38.88V
Current at Pmax (Imp) 8.50A 8.60A 8.61A 8.63A 8.65A 8.75A 8.90A 9.00A
Warranted Minimum Pmax 315 320 325 330 335 340 345 350
Short-Circuit Current (Isc) 9.10A 9.20A 9.21A 9.23A 9.26A 9.36A 9.52A 9.60A
Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc) 45.00V 45.30V 45.94V 46.44V 46.44V 46.73V 46.80V 46.87V
Module Efficiency 16.21% 16.47% 16.72% 16.98% 17.23% 17.49% 17.75% 18.01%
Operating Module Temperature -40℃ to + 85℃
Maximum System Voltage 1,000V(UL) / 1,000V(IEC)
Maximum Series Fuse Rating 15A
Maximum Reverse Current 20A
Power Tolerance 0 ~ +5W