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The days when installing a Solar power plant was considered a status symbol for the rich, have long gone past. After the NDA government announced the installation of 100GW of Solar power by 2022 in the country, Solar has witnessed a dramatic boost. With various favourable policies announced by the government for the solar manufacturing industry as well as the announcement of subsidies, Solar energy has been made accessible to the masses. Due to rising demand and output along with several technological enhancements, Solar power cost has reached grid parity. It means, the cost of accessing Solar power equals and sometimes is also cheaper than power obtained from the grid.

We will discuss some of the key benefits of installing a Solar power plant on the roof of your residence.

Bring down your electricity bills to almost zero:

With a bidirectional meter installed at your home, the excess power produced by your solar plant which is fed in the grid is recorded, thus adjusting the power you consumed from the grid in the evening. Depending on the capacity of your solar power plant, if your plant produces as much extra power as you consume from the grid, your electricity bills can become nil.

Support from the government:

It is a known fact that the cost of Solar panels has come down drastically over the years. On top of that, the government is offering attractive subsidy over the cost of your solar plant. This has helped in making solar popular and even the common man has been able to reap the huge benefits by way of availing subsidies.

Green source of energy:

Solar energy is considered to be the cleanest source of energy. The energy you consume from the grid is produced by conventional coal fired power plants, which are one of the major causes of pollution. By adopting solar for your energy needs, you are not only helping to save the environment by reducing your carbon foot print but also being a part of the fight against climate change.

Low maintenance cost:

Solar power plants are the only source of energy which have no moving parts. Where no moving parts, no maintenance hassles. For your solar power plant to work optimally, you only need to keep it clean and dust-free and you will reap the maximum benefits. Hence, a solar power plant at your roof-top will have almost no maintenance cost and you can enjoy 25 years of free power at your home.

Control your future electricity bills:

With your solar power plant producing your energy needs, your electricity bills will come down to almost zero. Over the years this will result in a great amount of savings on your electricity bills and give you control over your expenses month on month.

Increase your property value:

When you are installing a solar power plant on your residence roof-top, you are by default increasing the real-estate value of your property. A solar power plant installed on the roof-top is a valuable asset which gives you repeated savings for 25 long years.

Enjoy low installation costs:

Solex Energy Ltd can be considered a pioneer in the solar industry. We have been actively working on various solar projects since the last 20 years and we bring with us the expertise and experience of two decades. With such hands-on experience behind us, we guarantee quality and reliability in our work and give you true value for your money at a reasonable price.





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