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Dharaben Resignation PDF
Intimation for Appointment of CS PDF
Intimation of Resignation of CS PDF
Non Applicability clause 23 PDF
Resignation as MD PDF
Vipul Shah Appointment PDF
Post Offer Advertisement PDF
Advertisement in Newspaper PDF
Agreement with HDFC Bank PDF
Agreement with SBI Trustee PDF
AuditorsReport 31-03-21 PDF
Change in Designation PDF
Clarification On auditors PDF
Compliance Certificate 31.03.2022 PDF
Credit Rating Intimation PDF
Disclosure 31(4) SAST PDF
Final Code of Conduct as per SEBI (PIT) Regulation 2015 PDF
Policy and procedures for inquiry in case of leak of UPSI PDF
Revised Policy on Code of fair disclosure PDF
Grievance Report 13 (3)_31.03.2022 PDF
intimation of Auditors appointment & Resignation 07-05-2018 PDF
AGM Voting Result 11.09.2021 PDF
Auditors Report 31-03-21) PDF
Book closure 17.08.2020 PDF
Cash Flow Statement 30.09.2019 PDF
Certificate of DP 30.04.2019 PDF
Certificate Under Reg. 74 of DP 18-07-2019 PDF
Certificate under Reg.74 of DP 07-04-2021 PDF
Clarification to NSE 10.06.2021 PDF
Clarification On Auditors PDF
Compliance Certificate_31.03.2022 PDF
Corrigendum to Detail public statement 24.04.2021 PDF
Cover Letter NSE PDF
Credit Rating Intimation PDF
Detail public statement by Merchant banker PDF
Detail Public Statement takeover PDF
Disclosure 30 SAST 06-04-2021 PDF
Disclosure 31(4) SAST PDF
Disclosure of COVID 19 Impacts PDF
Disclosure Reason for Encumbrance PDF
Disclosure Related Party Transactions PDF
DPS By MB for Takeover PDF
EOGM NOTICE 18- 03-2021 PDF
Financial Statements 30-09-2018 PDF
Financial Results 30-09-2019 PDF
Financial Report 30-09-2020 PDF
Initial Disclosure 26.04.2019 PDF
Intimation Anil Rathi Appointment PDF
Intimation Annual Report 2018-19 PDF
Intimation Chetan Shah Appointment PDF
Intimation for Trading Window Closure 10.03.2021 PDF
Intimation in Newspaper for Book Closure PDF
Intimation Newspaper Advertisement of AGM 02.09.2021 PDF
Intimation Non Applicability Reg 24A PDF
Intimation of Appointment of Kiran Shah CFO PDF
Intimation of Auditors appointment & Resignation 07-05-2018 PDF
Intimation of Book Closure 04.07.2018 PDF
Intimation of Corporate Office 22.01.2020 PDF
Intimation of NOC market maker PDF
Intimation of Non Applicability Reg. 23 PDF
Intimation of Resignation Letter Brijesh Hariya PDF
Intimation for Trading Window Close 05-04-2019 PDF
Intimation Piyush Chandak Appointment PDF
Intimation Proceeding of AGM 11.09.2020 PDF
Intimation Resignation of CS Janki 28.12.2019 PDF
Intimation For Trading Window Close 05-04-2019 PDF
Intimation of AGM 17-07-2018 PDF
Letter of Offer PDF
MOU signing with Jinchen 07.06.2021 PDF
Notice of AGM 02.09.2021 PDF
NSE update order 22-06-18 PDF
NSE update order 23-05-18 PDF
Offer Opening Public Announcement 05.05.2021 PDF
Outcome BM 30.07.2020 Dividend PDF
Outcome BM Financial Report 11.11.2020 PDF
Outcome Dividend 07.05.2018 PDF
Outcome of BM 06-08-19 PDF
Outcome of BM 28-05-19 PDF
Outcome of BM 14.11.2021 PDF
Outcome of ID Meeting 30.04.2021 PDF
Oversight Intimation of Auditors PDF
Proceedings of AGM 17-07-18 PDF
Proceeding of AGM 10.09.2019 PDF
Proceeding AGM 2021 PDF
Public Announcement of Open Offer 17.03.2021 PDF
Public Announcement to NSE by Merchant Banker PDF
Reply to NSE 28-05-2018 PDF
Reply to NSE 28-06-2018 PDF
Resignation Kamlesh Patel PDF
Resignation Letter and Confirmation Letter ID PDF
Revised proceeding of AGM 11.09.2020 PDF
SAST Disclosure 01-02-2021 PDF
SAST Disclosure 02-04-2019 PDF
Solex Corrigendum to DPS PDF
Submission of Advertisement By Merchant Banker PDF
Submission of Letter of Offer PDF
Trading window closure 01.04.2021 PDF
Voting Result 19.07.2018 PDF
Voting results 03.09.2021 PDF
Voting results AGM 12.09.2020 PDF
Intimation of Commencement of Production PDF
Intimation of Public Notice of AGM PDF
Notice of 8th AGM PDF
Forms TDS on Dividend Zip
Intimation for Cut off for Dividend PDF
Transcript of 8th AGM Pdf
Closure of Trading Window 30.09.2022 Pdf
Proceedings of agm 29 09 2022 Pdf
Consoldiated Scrutinizer Report of AGM 2022 Pdf
Statement of Grievance for 30-09-2022 Pdf
Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit Report 30.09.2022 Pdf
Outcome of Board Meeting 15.10.2022 Pdf
Intimation of Board Meeting 14.11.2022 Pdf
Intimation of Letter of Intent 24.11.2022 Pdf
Intimation of Letter of Intent Patna Pdf
Intimation of Letter of intent Jehanabad Pdf
Intimation_Letter of intent Saharsa Pdf
Intimation Letter of intent Supaul Pdf
Intimation Letter of intent Nalanda Pdf
Appointment of Independent Director Pdf
Intimation of reconstitution of committee 12.12.2022 Pdf
Intimation Letter of intent Aurangabad Pdf
Intimation of Product Launch Pdf
Intimation of Loan Agreement with UBI_30.12.2022 Pdf
Intimation of Letter of Intent Gaya Pdf
Intimation of Letter of Intent Arwal Pdf
Non Applicability of Corporate Governance Report Pdf
Reconciliation Of Share Capital Audit Report 31.12.2022 Pdf
Statement Of Grievance For 31.12.2022 Pdf