• As energy prices continue to rise, there has been no better time to reduce your electricity bills while doing your share to reduce greenhouse gases and pollution.
  • Generate your own free solar electricity with Solex Energy innovative residential solar energy solutions and reduce or even eliminate your monthly electric bills.
  • Various incentives offered by central, state and local Governments translate to low installation cost for you - the homeowner, thereby making your solar energy system cost effective.
  • With an industry leading 25-year warranty for solar panels, our smart residential energy systems will not only give you decades of free energy and peace of mind but will also contribute to the appreciation of your residential asset.
  • Additionally we also design inverters according to your needs: Off-grid inverters, grid-tied inverters and grid-tied inverters with battery backup.

All other models are available please contact SEPL to know more details

S.NOPhotovoltaic Panels(Wp)Inverter & Charge ControllerBatterySystem Autonomy
1500500VA & 24V 25amp24V 200 AH2 Days
210001KVA & 24V 50amp224V 450AH2 Days
320002KVA & 48V 50 amp48V 450 AH2 Days
450005KVA & 96V 60amp96V 600AH2 Days
51000010KVA & 180V 60amp180V 600AH1 Days