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Solar Rooftop System

Solar energy is the most easily and abundant power source available to humans today. If we were to harness all the energy received from the sun in an hour, it would be sufficient to meet a year’s requirement of energy for all humans on earth.

Over the past decade technology has made it very cost effective and efficient to capture a large amount of solar energy received on earth. The primary constraint of solar energy today is the high requirement of space. However if one were to utilize the unproductive commercial, industrial and residential roof space available, the problem of space constraint would be easily resolved.

Solar Power Tech can offer their customers with a system which utilizes grid-tie architecture to seamlessly integrate generated solar power into the home’s mini-grid thereby replacing grid power up to the capacity installed.

The system will automatically synchronize with the grid or diesel generator voltage, frequency and phase. It can be used to provide power to loads like machinery, lighting etc. Our system is designed in a typical grid-tie architecture where the solar PV output supplements the grid connected power supply of the home/office.

Solex panels have been installed in roof-tops across Europe and India. We can provide our customers with a complete end to end EPC solution with regards to their requirements for roof-top installations. Solex through their strategic tie-ups are able to install solar systems on all types of roof spaces available. In order to see some of the projects executed by us kindly click here
Solar OFF Grid Power Plant5 KW10 KW15 KW20 KW
System TypeSolar SystemSolar SystemSolar SystemSolar System
Solar Inveter5 KVA10 KVA15 KVA20 KVA
8 Nos16 Nos30 Nos30 Nos
Solar Panel5 KW10 KW15 KW20 KW
System Volt96 V192 V240V/360V240V/360V
Area Required for System Installation500 Sq. Ft.1000 Sq. Ft.1500 Sq. Ft.2000 Sq. Ft.
Power Generated by Panel (In Units) per day20406080
Power Generated by Panel (In Units) for 300 day6000120002400028000
Total Energy Generated per Year102502050033487.540087.5
Cost of Energy @ Rs. 14 per unit by DG set143500287000468825561225
Electric Power Consumed for Charging Battery-36500-65700-109500-109500
Total Energy Saved per year107000221300359325451725
Total Money saved in Five year535000110650017966252258625
Model NoWattage (W)Solar Module (W)Lead-acid Battery TypeQtyOutput VoltageInverterPV ControllerDynamo electric Capacity (Daily)
SEPL-50501 x 5012V 40AH1DC 12 V-12 V 6 A0.15-0.25KW
SEPL-75751 x 7512V 75AH1DC 12 V-12 V 10 A0.225-0.5KW
SEPL-1001001 x 10012V 70AH2AC 230V12 V 150 W12 V 10 A0.3-0.5KW
SEPL-1501501 x 15012V 100AH2AC 230 V12 V 300 W12 V 20 A0.45 - 0.75 KW
SEPL-2002001 x 10012V 120AH212V 120AH12V 120AH12 V 20 A0.6-1.0KW
SEPL-3003001 x 15012V 80AH4AC 230 V 24 V 500 W24 V 20 A0.9-1.5W
SEPL-4004004 x 10012V 120AH4AC 230 V24 V 500 W24 V 20 A1.2-2.0KW
SEPL-5005005 x 10012V 100AH8AC 230 V 24 V 1000 W48 V 20 A1.5-2.5KW
SEPL-6006004 x 15012V 120AH8AC 230 V24 V 1000 W48 V 20 A1.8-3.0KW
SEPL-8008008 x 10012V 150AH8AC 230 V48 V 1000 W48 V 20 A2.4-4.0KW
SEPL-1000100010 x 1002V 300AH24AC 230 V48 V 2000 W48 V 30 A x 63.0-5.0KW
SEPL-1200120010 x 1002V 300AH24AC 230 V48 V 2000 W48 V 30 A x 63.6-6.0KW
SEPL-1500150010 x 1502V 400AH24AC 230 V48 V 2000 W48 V 50 A x 64.5-7.5KW
SEPL-1800180012 x 1502V 400AH24AC 230 V48 V 2000 W48 V 50 A x 65.4-9.5KW
SEPL-2000200010 x 2002V 500AH24AC 230 V48V 3 W48 V 50 A x 66.0-10KW
SEPL-2500250010 x 2002V 600AH24AC 230 V48V 3 W48 V 100 A x 67.5-12.5KW
SEPL-3000300012 x 2502V 600AH24AC 230 V48V 5 W48 V 100 A x 69.0-15.0KW
SEPL-3500350017 x 2002V 800AH24AC 230 V48V 5 W48 V 100 A x 610.0-20KW
SEPL-4000400020 x 2002V 1000AH24AC 230 V48V 5 W48 V 100 A x 612.0-20KW
SEPL-5000500025 x 2002V 1200AH24AC 230 V48V 6 W48 V 100 A x 615.0-25KW
SEPL-6000600030 x 2002V 1500AH24AC 230 V48V 7 W48 V 100 A x 618.0-35KW
SEPL-8000800040 x 2002V 2000AH24AC 230 V48V 10 W48 V 100 A x 624.0-40KW
SEPL-100001000050 x 2002V 2000AH24AC 230 V48V 15 W48 V 100 A x 630.0-50KW